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Monthly Archives: February 2014

Other Immigration Lawyers Didn’t Think We Could Win

“We met with other lawyers about our immigration problem, but each refused to take our case. When we met with Sassoun Nalbandian, we expected him to say he could not or would not take our case. Instead he became our attorney in spite of the difficulty of our situation. He tackled our problems head on by conducting thorough research and analysis to figure out different ways in order to find out which approach was best. Mr. Nalbandian really impressed me by the way he described our case and presented such convincing arguments on our behalf. His hard work, determination and brilliant legal arguments led to the success of our case. We are very pleased with the results and for his help in getting our deportation case reopened and helping our family obtain our green cards, something the other attorneys had thought was impossible. Thank you, Mr. Nalbandian!!!”

Karo, Burbank, CA

You Can Trust What He Tells You

“Sassoun Nalbandian is the Best Attorney in my book. My family and I spent 17 years spending money on other attorneys and watching each one of them fail to resolve our immigration issues. In spite of those failures, we didn’t give up hope and finally met Mr. Nalbandian. He’s smart and you can trust 100% what he tells you. He has a special way of speaking to immigration judges that shows his high opinion of them. He won our case. Since then, I have recommended him with great enthusiasm to other relatives, and he has won victories for them, too. Thank God we finally found an intelligent immigration lawyer who knows how to rise above impossible odds and win our case! We highly recommend him!”

Kristine, Glendale, CA

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Mr. Nalbandian was the lawyer who handled my wife's Green card case. Thanks to him everything went well and at very timely manner. I would recommend him with most confidence.

- Jose Garcia, CA