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For 20 years, Nalbandian Law has consistently won almost all* of the immigration cases we’ve handled. What kind of immigration issue are you facing?


Our immigration lawyers handle hundreds of asylum cases on a daily basis. A high percentage* of our petitions are granted directly through the asylum office without having to go to immigration court. Learn more »

Business Immigration

We help foreign nationals qualify for a wide range of Investor, Entertainment and Business Visas so that they can legally enter the U.S. and eventually become citizens. Learn more »

Cancellation of Removal

If you’re in the middle of removal proceedings, we can help you avoid deportation. We have won nearly 100%* of our LPR cancellation of removal cases over the last decade and a half. Learn more »

Criminal Deportation

We’ve helped hundreds of clients avoid deportation and remain in the U.S. Our successes include the most difficult deportation cases other lawyers refuse to handle. Learn more »

Family Immigration

We successfully handle all types of family immigration petitions such as green cards, fiancé visas, marriage based or family based consular processing and I-751 petitions. Learn more »

Federal Appeals

If your court case or your application with USCIS has been denied, we will file a federal appeal and fight for you until justice triumphs in your immigration case. Learn more »

Federal Lawsuits

If your green card or naturalization application is being delayed for many months, we can help stop the delays by taking your case to federal court. Learn more »

Immigration Waivers

Even though Waivers of Forgiveness are very difficult to obtain, Nalbandian Law has won nearly all* of our waiver applications for clients—even the toughest ones. Learn more »

Motions to Reopen

We help reopen cases and reverse deportation orders even after an immigration judge has decided against you so that new facts or evidence can be considered. Learn more »

Naturalization/Citizenship Applications

Many LPRs who prepare their own naturalization applications don’t succeed. Don’t sabotage your future; let us help you become a U.S. citizen.  Learn more »

VAWA Petitions

Nalbandian Law has won nearly 100%* of immigration cases involving battered spouses (wives and husbands), children and parents. Learn more »

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*Approval rates do not guarantee future approval of your petition. No attorney can ethically guarantee any outcome. Always consult with a licensed, competent immigration attorney such as the experienced immigration attorneys at Nalbandian Law before filing your case.