Major Victories

Mandamus Action, Asylum, VAWA & Criminal LPR Cancellation of Removal Cases

The experienced legal team at Nalbandian Law, led by immigration expert Sassoun A. Nalbandian, goes to court every day to help our immigrant clients make steady progress in their journey toward U.S. citizenship. These are highlights from recent, major victories:

Mandamus Action Federal Law Suit

Our new client’s green card application had been in pending status for five years. He had gone to several attorneys for help, but none were able to speed up his application. Our legal team took a more proactive approach. We filed a Mandamus Action lawsuit requesting that a federal court judge order USCIS to make a prompt decision about our client’s pending status. Within two months after filing the suit, our client’s green card was approved and he received it.  We’ve helped dozens of clients get quick resolution of cases that had previously dragged on for months, even years. Learn more about Mandamus Actions.

Asylum Case

When we took our new client’s asylum case, we realized his previous attorney’s file had inadequate documentation to support his asylum claim. Making matters worse, our client had one of the strictest immigration judges in Los Angeles. As experienced immigration experts, we knew that a single missing document can cause a judge to rule against you. We enhanced the documentation with supporting letters from his home country and background internet articles about the country’s record of persecution and discrimination. We presented our case in court, and the strict judge granted asylum for our client. Learn more about Asylum Immigration.


Our client had endured verbal and emotional abuse by his wife, an American citizen. When they divorced, she refused to give his immigration papers to him. Under the protection of the VAWA Act, immigrant victims of abuse can obtain a green card and become Lawful Permanent Residents without the support or knowledge of their abusive spouse, parent or adult child. To strengthen our client’s case, we obtained his detailed personal affidavit, a prominent psychologist’s expert assessment and additional witness affidavits. Based on our detailed documentation, USCIS granted a green card to our client. Learn more about VAWA Petitions.

Criminal LPR Cancellation of Removal (COR) Case

When our client first came to us, his situation was quite serious. He was facing deportation due to a previous felony and three misdemeanors. In spite of his criminal history, Nalbandian Law was able to demonstrate he was eligible for Cancellation of Removal because of his significant ties to the U.S. which included family and employment, his time in the U.S. and his subsequent rehabilitation. The judge ruled in our client’s favor. He was able to keep his green card and remain in the U.S.  Learn more about Cancellation of Removal.

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