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Experience. Personal Attention. Court Victories.

U.S. Immigration law is a complex area of law that can have many twists and turns. That’s why you need a smart, honest LA immigration law firm with an exceptional record of winning cases for their clients.

20 Years of Immigration Law Experience

When Attorney Sassoun A. Nalbandian started his immigration law practice in 2000, he had a clear and defined objective—to produce successful outcomes and positive results for all clients through detail-oriented, honest, expert professional advice and representation. Learn more about our Immigration Law Services.

The legal team at Nalbandian Law has consistently accomplished that objective every day for clients who need business visas or green cards, for refugees seeking asylum, for people facing deportation due to criminal history and for Permanent Legal Residents needing help with their citizenship applications.

Regardless of the problem or setback you’ve encountered on your journey as an immigrant, Nalbandian Law is here to help you get back on track to becoming an American citizen.

99%* Success Rate

Our experienced legal team has a near-perfect record of victories for our clients in every immigration venue. We’ve earned a reputation for successfully handling the most complex, difficult cases, ones that other attorneys refuse to take.

Successful Appeals

Nalbandian Law has won over 90%* of appeals for our clients in the Administrative Appeals Office (AAO), the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA) and at the federal level in the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.

Meticulous Paperwork

Immigration judges don’t like sloppy, incomplete paperwork, and they often rule against clients for that reason alone. Our legal team prides itself in our careful attention to detail. We take the time to make sure the information in your petition is accurate and complete.

Current on Immigration News

Nalbandian Law is an active member of the respected American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA). We have access to the most comprehensive databases of information about immigration decisions. We are always up to date on developments that can strengthen your case.

At Your Side in Court

We’ll prepare for what you can expect in immigration court, and we’ll be at your side. You’ll feel confident knowing we’ve done our very best to win a favorable decision for you.

Easy to Communicate with Us

If you need to talk to us about a problem or question, you can reach us by phone or email. We can also set up Skype meetings for your convenience. We have a staff of paralegals and attorneys who speak and understand Armenian, Russian, Spanish and Portuguese.

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Call Nalbandian Law, (818) 244-0310, or contact us online for a consultation with expert immigration attorney Sassoun Nalbandian. We won’t waste your time. We’ll honestly review your situation and let you know if you have a good chance of winning your case.

*Approval rates do not guarantee future approval of your petition. No attorney can ethically guarantee any outcome. Always consult with a licensed competent immigration attorney such as the experienced immigration attorneys at Nalbandian Law before filing your case.