Criminal Deportation

We Handle Cases Other Lawyers Find Too Difficult to Handle

In the world of immigration law, the experienced immigration lawyers of Nalbandian Law have earned an unbeatable track record of success for our clients for nearly 15 years. We have a reputation for successfully handling the most difficult criminal deportation cases—the ones that other lawyers refuse to handle or thought couldn’t be won.

Criminal deportation cases are a large part of the legal work we routinely perform for our clients. Nalbandian Law, under the direction of lead attorney Sassoun A. Nalbandian, has helped hundreds of clients avoid deportation and remain in the U.S.

Our immigration specialists are uniquely qualified to help you avoid criminal deportation if you are facing any of these problems:

  • You have committed a crime for which you may be deportable
  • Your loved one is detained and you need to seek bond from an immigration judge immediately or need an ICE hold removed ASAP
  • You have a criminal history and need to know if you can apply for a green card or citizenship
  • Your criminal attorney needs an opinion letter from an immigration lawyer to make sure an effective plea bargain is entered in your criminal proceedings to avoid being removable or to minimize immigration consequences.

Criminal Deportation Services

Fighting deportation is a tough battle for detained immigrants who don’t have experienced immigration lawyers to help them win their case. There are many legal proceedings in place that give immigrants-detainees the opportunity to prove they can be law-abiding members of society. Nalbandian Law has extensive immigration court experience to help you fight and win.

Immigration Bond Hearings

Nalbandian Law’s experienced immigration bond hearing attorneys will represent your detained relative in immigration court shortly after the arrest. Our extensive preparation for the bond hearing will increase the probability that the judge will set a reasonable bond for your relative’s release. In fact, we have even been able to convince immigration judges and ICE attorneys to agree to a bond where the case was first thought to be a mandatory detention case.

Casas-Castrillon and Rodriguez Bond Motions

This is a new, developing area of immigration law that affects immigrants who have been detained indefinitely (prolonged detention) at an ICE detention facility for over six months and were previously denied bond for release. These new laws apply to any aliens detained in California, Arizona, Oregon, Washington, Hawaii, and other states located within the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals’ jurisdiction.

This new procedure allows certain immigrants-detainees to be released on bond, pending a “Rodriguez motion.” The burden of proof is then on the government to show why the individual can’t remain free until the case is decided. Our attorneysrepresent detained immigrants in immigration court and help ensure they have the best possible chance of being released on bond.

Nalbandian Law has obtained reasonable bond amounts for aliens originally deemed ineligible for bond by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials at the time of their detention. We have even helped these same aliens obtain legal status or keep their green cards and ultimately become American citizens.

Relief from Criminal Deportation

There are several types of relief that can be sought for criminal aliens in removal/deportation proceedings. In many cases, the legal team at Nalbandian Law has helped our clients qualify for waivers that allow them to remain in the United States. In other cases, our lawyers’ thorough case preparation has helped individuals obtain legal status even though they were previously considered inadmissible or ineligible to enter the U.S.

  • Motions to Terminate Removal Proceedings – Your Nalbandian Law attorney will file a motion to terminate immigration court removal proceedings and devise a strong strategy to present to the immigration judge that illustrates why your particular conviction doesn’t justify your deportation from the U.S.
  • Removal of ICE Holds – An ICE hold is a written demand from Immigration and Customs Enforcement that requires state authorities to hold undocumented aliens without bond so that ICE agents can take them into custody once the state releases them. Nalbandian Law will review your relative’s case and let you know:
    • If your relative stands a good chance of getting released on an immigration bond, or
    • If we can get the ICE hold released so that the criminal alien is not even picked up by ICE after serving his or her criminal sentence.
  • Asylum and Withholding of Removal Applications – Click on the link to learn more about our experience and successes for our clients in immigration court.
  • Cancellation of Removal for LPRs – Click on the link to learn more about this legal form of relief for certain Lawful Permanent Residents.

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