Attorney Sassoun Nalbandian Worked His Magic!

“My uncle had been trying to get asylum for 14 years and could have easily been deported after such a long time. He’d been to one lawyer after another with no success. The last lawyer stole over $30,000 from him and abandoned his case at the most serious time. Then we met Mr. Nalbandian. After hearing the facts about my uncle’s plight, he took his case. His fee was reasonable, and he was very responsible. He never promised us things he couldn’t deliver, and he never gave us the false security of a guarantee. He told us what to reasonably expect and what we could do if all our efforts failed. I’m happy to report that Mr. Nalbandian worked his magic. When my uncle was granted asylum, I can honestly say that Mr. Nalbandian was responsible for giving me one of the most joyful days of my life.”

Mariam, N. Hollywood, CA