Asylum Cases

Asylum Cases American asylum laws protect people who were persecuted in the past in their native country or fear future persecution due to race, ethnicity, religion, political opinion, sexual orientation, domestic violence, or several other protected classifications. The immigration lawyers at Nalbandian Law have helped clients from dozens of countries gain asylum. A high percentage… Read More »

Criminal Deportation Cases

Criminal Deportation Nalbandian Law has a reputation for winning the most difficult criminal deportation cases—including ones that other lawyers refuse to handle or thought couldn’t be won. We can represent you or your loved one for bond hearings in immigration court and prepare Casas and Rodriguez bond motions if you or your loved ones have… Read More »

Business Immigration Cases

Business Immigration Cases The business immigration lawyers of Nalbandian Law have over 10 years of experience helping clients qualify for all types of temporary and permanent business visas. Investor business visas bring foreign nationals to the U.S. to invest in an American business and qualify for a green card. We’ve also helped entertainers and their… Read More »

Winner of AVVO’s “2018 Clients’ Choice Award”

Winner of AVVO’s “Clients’ Choice Award” Our steady track record of winning 99% of our immigration cases—even the toughest ones—and taking good care of our clients has gained the attention of Avvo, a highly respected online legal resource. Avvo’s objective information helps people make smart choices about lawyers.  Nalbandian Law is dedicated to helping our… Read More »