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Immigration Attorney Los Angeles, Sassoun A. NalbandianAfter graduating in 2000 from top-ranked USC Law School in Los Angeles, Immigration Law Attorney in Los Angeles, Mr. Sassoun A. Nalbandian was soon drawn to immigration law. Two years later, he opened his own law firm, Law Offices of Sassoun A Nalbandian (incorporated as Nalbandian Law), and devoted his practice to immigration law.
“Being a family man,” Mr. Nalbandian said, “I understand the importance of keeping families together. As an immigration lawyer, I find it immensely rewarding to work in an area of law where I am able to unite families as well as keep them from being separated from one another.”

Strong Communication Skills

Attorney Nalbandian’s personal strengths include exceptional interpersonal skills as well as oral and written communications skills. He has also discovered the many benefits of having a pre-law B.A. degree in Psychology.
“I am better able to understand the psychology of the different personalities I encounter every day—immigration officers, immigration judges and government attorneys.” Mr. Nalbandian’s insights are just one of the reasons he has a nearly perfect track record of wins for his clients.

Confidence in the Courtroom

Passionate about his clients’ immigration issues inside and outside the courtroom, Attorney Nalbandian approaches each case as though the client was his own friend or family member. His zealous advocacy exudes an unswerving confidence that reassures his clients and has a positive effect on judges, officers, and government attorneys.

Expert Negotiation Skills

Attorney Nalbandian’s confidence creates the best setting for negotiating successfully with immigration judges and officers as well as with government attorneys. “In one particular case, I was able to convince a government attorney to reopen my asylum client’s deportation case and send it back,” he said. “This gave my client another opportunity to have his asylum case heard in court.”

A Winning Record on Tough Cases

Mr. Nalbandian has earned a reputation for successfully handling the most difficult cases, ones that other attorneys refuse to take. Even though he takes more complex cases than the average immigration attorney, Attorney Nalbandian continues to maintain his nearly perfect success rate.

Area of Expertise:

Immigration LawAsylum, Business Immigration, Cancellation of Removal, Criminal Deportation, Family Immigration, Federal Appeals, Federal Lawsuits, Immigration Waivers, Motions to Reopen, Naturalization/Citizenship Applications, VAWA Petitions


B.A in Psychology and Political Science, UCLA
J.D. degree, USC Law School

Sassoun A. Nalbandian, Esq.

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