Has Your Citizenship Application Been Denied?

Here’s How We Can Help You

It’s heartbreaking to learn that your naturalization has been denied after all the time you’ve spent preparing for this moment. Don’t be discouraged, because you may not have to be deported or have to wait five more years to apply for citizenship again. Instead, you need to consult with an expert immigration law firm that handles immigration cases exclusively.

First, we will look at one of most common reasons for citizenship denial, and then explain you how we would respond to this type of denial:

Criminal Convictions

Immigration officers are often wrong about what constitutes an aggravated felony or a crime of moral turpitude. That is because they get the case law wrong and use outdated information that no longer applies. Additionally, officers sometimes are not knowledgeable about the case, or get the facts wrong.

The immigration law experts at Nalbandian Law in the Los Angeles area stay on top of the latest changes in criminal immigration case law on a daily basis. Our legal team begins by meeting with you and looking at the facts of your case to see if there are grounds for appealing your application denial.

In a recent case, an alien came to Nalbandian Law after his citizenship application was denied while he was represented by another lawyer. After reviewing the case, lead immigration attorney Sassoun A. Nalbandian discovered that the immigration officer had based his denial decision on old case law from two years ago without knowing that the law had changed. “It’s not unusual for our lawyers to have to educate immigration officers about current case law,” said Mr. Nalbandian. “If we take your case, your chance of winning is very high as evidenced by our 95% success record* with appeals.”

Legal Help for Other Reasons for Citizenship Denials

In addition to criminal convictions, other common reasons include:

  • Fraudulently obtained green card
  • Lying about being arrested—even if you weren’t convicted of a crime
  • Not registering for Selective Service—if you’re an 18-26 years old male
  • Not paying taxes—you may be able to make payment arrangements
  • Not paying child support—even late payments are a negative mark for you
  • Poor command of English—you are not able to understand English well enough to speak it competently or understand others. Ask us about different ways to overcome the language problem—tutors, having a translator with you for your interview if you’re over 50 or 55 and have had your green card for 15 to 20 years, or qualifying for a disability waiver based on memory loss or other medical issues.

What to Do if You’ve Been Denied Citizenship

Contact Nalbandian Law at (818) 244-0310 today and we will discuss your options and determine the best course of action for you:

  • Appeal the decision on Form N-336 
  • File a lawsuit in federal court 
  • Re-file your citizenship application immediately with the correct information if there were errors in your original paperwork resulting from mistakes and/or omissions made by you or your previous lawyer. 
  • Wait 5 years to re-apply and show that you have sufficient “good moral character.”

What We Will Do as Your Attorneys

If we decide that the officer made a mistake in your case, prior to filing the appeal, we often try to resolve the issue by speaking with a supervisor. If the supervisor agrees that the officer made a mistake, the supervisor will reverse the decision and grant you your citizenship. This could potentially save you valuable time and money. The next step, if necessary, is to file an appeal on your behalf on the Form N-336. If your appeal is denied, you then have the right to go into federal court and have a federal judge (who is independent and doesn’t work for USCIS) review your case and decide if you deserve citizenship. 

“Nalbandian Law brings the power of over 16 years of experience exclusively practicing immigration law to your citizenship denial case,” Mr. Nalbandian said. “We routinely handle difficult cases that other lawyers refuse to take. Citizenship denial cases can be some of the toughest ones. Our expert preparation of the legal arguments in your case can make the difference in you becoming a US citizen.”

Schedule a Citizenship Denial Consultation Today!

Call Nalbandian Law at (818) 244-0310 or contact us online to schedule a confidential consultation with lead attorney and citizenship denial expert Sassoun A. Nalbandian. He will review your situation carefully and determine if you have a strong case for reversing the denial decision. If you do, we will do our very best to help you gain U.S. citizenship.

*Approval rates do not guarantee future approval of your petition. No attorney can ethically guarantee any outcome. Always consult with a licensed, competent immigration attorney such as the experienced immigration attorneys at Nalbandian Law before filing your case.