Landmark Immigration Court Ruling for Battered Women Seeking Asylum

In a historic decision on August 26, 2014, the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA) recognized a protected group that includes mostly women.

In the past, women seeking asylum from repeatedly physical and sexual abuse from their husbands were not recognized by U.S. immigration laws as a persecuted group worthy of protection. Traditionally, asylum laws protected people who were persecuted or feared persecution in their native countries because of their political opinions, race, religion, nationality or particular social group.

The landmark Board of Immigration Appeals decision resulting from hearing the case of a Guatemalan woman who fled her abusive husband and came to the United States illegally with her children in 2005. The case showed a shocking history of weekly beatings, rape and attacks with deadly chemicals.

In its decision, BIA wrote that it was persuaded by the asylum seeker that Guatemala “has a culture of machismo and family violence” and, additionally, the police routinely failed to respond to her calls for help.

By deciding in favor of granting asylum for the Guatemalan woman, BIA recognized “married women in Guatemala who are unable to leave their relationship” as a unique social group, thus eligible for filing an asylum claim. By actually publishing their decision—an unusual action—the appeals board set a clear precedent for immigration judges.

Right now, over 300 domestic abuse asylum seekers who have also filed appeals with the BIA are eagerly waiting for their day in court to prove they, too, are eligible for asylum.

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