The Fastest Way to Get a Fiancé Visa for Your Loved One

banner_img4The process of getting a fiancé visa normally takes six months. And if your situation is more complicated than average, the process could drag on even longer.

We Often Get Fiancé Visa Petitions Approved in 3 Months or Less!

Nalbandian Law, experienced immigration attorneys in the Los Angeles area, are experts in speeding up the fiancé visa process. We’ve reunited thousands of clients with their loved ones over the past 15 years.

Why wait so long for your fiancé visa when we can make it happen so fast?

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My fiancé and I hired Sassoun [Nalbandian] to process our fiancé visa, and four months later it was approved and we are in the process of making final arrangements for our marriage in the USA! Sassoun and his staff were very helpful, knowledgeable, and professional. We give him the highest recommendation. James N.,

Our experienced attorneys expertly handle a broad spectrum of cases.  Read more about the Differences between Fiancé Visa and Spouse Visa.

Immensely Rewarding

After nearly 15 years as a successful immigration attorney, Sassoun A. Nalbandian can tell you exactly what makes him feel on top of the world:

“Being a family man,” Nalbandian said, “I understand the importance of reuniting couples who are engaged to be married and are looking forward to starting their lives in the U.S. It’s immensely rewarding to work in an area of law where I am able to unite families as well as keep them from being separated from one another.”

Top 5 Reasons to Choose Nalbandian Law

  1. 99% Success Rate Winning Client Cases* – Our near-perfect record of victories in obtaining fiancé visas for our clients has earned us a reputation for winning even the most difficult cases.
  2. Meticulous Paperwork – Our attention to detail impresses USCIS and consular officers and wins cases.
  3. Current on Immigration Laws – We’re up to date on developments that can help win your case.
  4. At your Side – throughout the process and easy to reach by email, phone or Skype.
  5. Award-winning Immigration Lawyer – We’ve repeatedly earned AVVO’s prestigious Client’s Choice Award.

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*Approval rates do not guarantee future approval of your petition. No attorney can ethically guarantee any outcome. Always consult with a licensed, competent immigration attorney such as the experienced immigration attorneys at Nalbandian Law before filing your case.