The Importance of a Detailed Psychological Evaluation

Have you recently lost an I-601 hardship waiver case, VAWA Abused Spouse case, asylum case, or criminal deportation case because you couldn’t provide documentation of your hardship or abuse that would have clearly shown the judge or USCIS officer why your case should be approved? Even if your application or waiver has been denied, it may not be too late to re-submit your case with stronger documentation that impresses even the toughest immigration judges and officials.

Nalbandian Law’s Perfect Success Rate with Hardship Waiver & VAWA Cases

Over the past 15-plus years, the immigration law experts at Nalbandian Law, Los Angeles, have maintained a 100% success rate with I-601 Hardship Waivers and VAWA Abused Spouse cases for our clients, even in those cases where our clients had no documentation or hospital records proving physical or emotional abuse or persecution.

The key to our perfect track record is the fact that documentation prepared by Nalbandian Law features a long, detailed psychological report prepared by a professional psychologist explaining the real emotional hardship endured by our client or their loved ones. This detailed assessment/report is usually 15 to 25 pages long and clearly describes the nature of the abuse, how it happened, and how long it occurred.

Trained, licensed psychologists understand the true impact of emotional and physical abuse and are able to carefully explain the short-and long-term effects it can cause. As a result, when immigration court judges and USCIS officials read our psychological assessments, they are able to understand the severity of the hardship endured by our client and their loved ones.

Turning I-601 Hardship Denials into Approvals

Hundreds of distraught aliens have come to Nalbandian Law after their hardship waiver cases handled by other attorneys were denied. When lead immigration attorney Sassoun A. Nalbandian reviewed each case, he discovered that the majority of them were valid cases for hardship waivers.

Why did the valid hardship cases get denied? Our clients’ previous lawyers didn’t provide adequate documentation to prove their client’s hardship case. They didn’t understand that they could have been victorious if they had taken the time to provide stronger documentation and a detailed psychological evaluation/report.

Other Types of Cases Where Psychological Assessments are Critical

  • Asylum Cases — Perhaps you fled your native country so quickly that you had no time to get hospital records, police reports, or arrest records or your requests for those records were denied. In the absence of proof of persecution and abuse, a detailed psychological evaluation can make a strong case for approving your asylum application in the absence of other documentation.
  • Abuse in Your Marriage to a U.S. Citizen (VAWA) — You may have suffered physical and/or emotional abuse at the hands of your U.S. citizen-spouse, but you don’t have physical signs of the abuse. Your case may be further complicated by the lack of proof that your marriage is bona fide. Nalbandian Law will illustrate and strengthen your case with a detailed psychological report prepared by a licensed psychologist.
  • Criminal Deportation — In order to prevent a criminal deportation order, Nalbandian Law will concentrate on the extreme emotional hardship your deportation will cause on your loved ones and prove the hardship with a detailed psychological assessment. The evaluation helps the immigration judge understand the strong bonds of your family and the severe emotional distress your spouse, parents, siblings, and children will experience if you are forced to leave the U.S.
  • I-751 Good Faith Waivers — If you want to convert your two-year green card to permanent green card, we strongly believe that a well-prepared psychological report is a must, especially if you do not have enough documentation to prove that your marriage was bonafide and/or that you were abused in your marriage.

“We often see cases from other attorneys where the waiver or political asylum applications were denied due to a lack of psychological assessment or because the assessments were submitted by the other attorneys were weak and unpersuasive,” said attorney Sassoun A. Nalbandian. “In many cases previously handled by other attorneys and denied by immigration court, we were able to reopen the cases once the file was brought to us and made sure it was approved.”

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