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Why a Guilty Plea Could Get You Deported

When immigrants are arrested for a criminal offense, they call a criminal lawyer to defend them. Sounds like a good idea, but often it’s the first step down the road to deportation. That is because criminal lawyers more often then not fail to consult with an experienced immigration attorney. Because of their lack of knowledge… Read More »

EB-1A Visa: Alien of Extraordinary Ability

An EB-1A Visa/Green Card may be available to you if you can prove you are an alien with an extraordinary ability in the sciences,  arts (television/music industry) or athletics. Are you a nationally or internationally renowned artist, entertainer, or athlete? If you have received international recognition such as a Nobel Prize or an Academy Award in the… Read More »

Proposition 47: Do You Qualify for Criminal Deportation Relief?

California voters passed Proposition 47 with a comfortable 58.46% “Yes” majority last week, and that’s welcome news for many incarcerated aliens facing criminal deportation and many who have been ordered deported. Proposition 47, also known as the Safe Neighborhoods and Schools Act, has downgraded certain felonies to a lesser misdemeanor status. California is the first… Read More »

Obama Immigration Executive Order:

Deferred Action for Millions of People President Obama announced today that he will be signing an executive order granting deferred action and work authorization for up to 5.5 million aliens currently residing in the U.S. Here are some key points regarding what this executive order includes, what you should do at this time, and what… Read More »

How to Get a Medical Disability Waiver from the U.S. Citizenship Tests

One of the last steps in the U.S. citizenship process involves meeting with an immigration officer to take two tests—an English test and a U.S. history and government (civics) test. These tests demonstrate knowledge of the English language (reading, writing and speaking) as well as a basic understanding of the history, principles and government of… Read More »

Landmark Immigration Court Ruling for Battered Women Seeking Asylum

In a historic decision on August 26, 2014, the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA) recognized a protected group that includes mostly women. In the past, women seeking asylum from repeatedly physical and sexual abuse from their husbands were not recognized by U.S. immigration laws as a persecuted group worthy of protection. Traditionally, asylum laws protected… Read More »

SoCal ICE Detainees Eligible for Release on Bond/Bail

Thousands of California Immigrant Detainees May Now Be Eligible for Bond Hearings If you have any friends or loved ones who are currently detained in immigration detention facilities, we may be able to help get them bonded out even if they have previously been denied bond by ICE or an Immigration Judge (those subject to… Read More »